Foundation for Publication

Everyone has a book inside. Most people don’t know how to start or they are afraid to start.

For those who have a book inside that begs to escape into print, join us to learn and improve your writing skills. Learn how to self publish your book. We’ll work on marketing and speaking skills with experts in each area of need. For those who are willing to do the work, we guarantee publication.

I want my writers to be those who would thrill any publisher. Writing is hard work. Yes, sometimes it flows, but even those manuscripts need to be read, reread, rewritten and honed to be the most perfect possible. That’s where the Foundation for Publication comes in. We help each other. We learn how to improve.

Writing gets in your blood. After a while you begin to write in your sleep, while you drive, and often when you should be listening to a speaker in some meeting or another. You listen to conversations and how the words flow. You watch people and learn how to describe them. You become more aware of sunsets and snow falls. Carry small notebooks with you to jot down ideas, because you won’t be able to remember them later.

What can you expect from the Foundation for Publication?

We will meet weekly to critique and edit your work of the week. That can be in person or by video conference. Every two weeks we’ll have a video conference with one or more of the experts. Mae will be accessible by phone or e-mail for advice.

Our team of experts includes: legal experts on copy rights, a graphic artist for book covers and/or logos, a web designer, a merchant services person, a P.R. expert for promotion, a face book specialist, and many others.

Before we actually go to print, Mae will proof read and edit your manuscript. The professional editors charge $75 per hour and many charge more than that. Because Mae wants every manuscript completed to be one that any traditional publisher would be happy to buy, she will provide these services for the members. You can expect an ISBN and bar code for your book if done under Mountain Top Books.

We will have a professional photographer for head shots for back covers, and will have a celebration and book signing in the end.