Mae’s Books

To Climb a Mountain
To Climb a Mountain.  Mae’s collection of stories about living among the Tarahumara Indians of Northern Mexico.  It comes in both audio and print.  Be prepared to laugh at her adventures.  Available in both Audio (2 CD set) and Paperback

The Journey To And From The Mountain

The Journey To and From the Mountain.  Mae’s book relating the story of how she and Alex became Christians, how they were called to be missionaries and after serving, how they readjusted to American culture.

When Your Mamma Calls You Mama
When Your Mama calls you Mama is the story of the last six years of my mother’s life while suffering from dementia.  For those children who have to parent their parents.

Marriage For The Long Haul
Marriage for the Long Haul is the advise from having been married for 55 years, and tips on making marriage last — the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Fleeced Flock
The Fleeced Flock is the story of a congregation of people following the arrest of their beloved pastor for robbing banks to pay for prostitutes.  The book is not about the sins of the pastor as much as it is of the wounds inflicted by his deception.

Bad Hair Day Life
Bad Hair Life is a series of traumatic hair experiences over a life time.  Be prepared to laugh, especially if you identify with Mae.
Mae’s mother wanted a curly headed little doll to play with. Instead she got a straight haired little thing with a mind of her own. She went from being “rolled” twice a day to “pig tails” that successfully pulled out all the tenderness from her scalp. Home perms and beauty Shop “treatments” were worse yet. Then came hair pieces, wigs and finally hats. That’s where the Lady in the Hat is today.

If I Wrote A Book (Workbook for Writers) 
If I Wrote a Book is a workbook for beginning writers to start the book they’ve been thinking about.  It is a step-by-step guide.

My First Cookbook (A cookbook for beginners)
My First Cookbook was written for my children when they began housekeeping.  It tells what to buy to set up the house, how to shop for groceries, how to count calories, how to set the table and contains lots of simple recipes for those in a hurry.

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