Who is your target audience?

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Target-AudienceWho is your target audience for the book in your head?  Be very specific: age, sex, occupation, geographic location… The more specific you are the better your book will be accepted.  If you can actually get a picture of your target (from photograph or magazine) and place it above your computer so you actually write to that person, you’ll make your writing specific as well.

If you’re writing fiction you’ll have to flesh out your characters.  If you have a picture it makes it easier to write the details of physical aspects, which help the character aspects to follow.  You’ll want to determine the geographical aspects as well.  Will it take place on the beach? At the ocean? In the woods at a cabin?  Work out all the details before you start writing.

If you’re writing a life experience you already know the above details, but make note of them before starting.  Business books are a different story, but you still have to determine the points you want to cover in advance.